Meet Dr. Kimberly McFarland

Empire Vein Specialists is pleased to welcome our newest staff vascular specialist, Dr. Kimberly McFarland. Dr. McFarland and her team will provide a full range of vein services and continue the EVS tradition of excellence as the premier vascular care provider for residents of Temecula and its surrounding areas.

Born and raised in Northern California, Dr. McFarland determined that she was interested in pursuing a career in medicine at an early age. She earned her undergraduate degree at UCLA, majoring in neuroscience, and received her medical training at Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara Medical School in Guadalajara, where she also honed her Spanish language skills. Dr. McFarland went on to complete post-graduate training in diagnostic and interventional radiology in Brooklyn, New York, and worked as a vascular and interventional radiologist in New York City for two years before joining EVS.

Being an interventional radiologist is particularly gratifying for Dr. McFarland. Through this work, she can bring about dramatic and lasting improvement in her patients’ health with quick, safe, and effective treatments performed in an outpatient setting.

Dr. McFarland shares that some of her most memorable experiences have been the ones where she has had the opportunity to help patients with advanced symptoms, such as those who have had protracted struggles with venous ulcers. “Many of these patients have endured progressively worsening symptoms for long periods of time and are very grateful when they see the dramatic improvements they can have after having treatment,” she explains.

For her, even better would be to help people avoid these types of complications entirely, she states, along with the pain and discomfort that goes along with them. This means getting the word out about newer minimally-invasive procedures and, as Dr. McFarland explains, raising awareness that effective solutions can help at the early stages, so people don’t need to feel like they have to put off care or downplay their symptoms.

We invite you to meet Dr. McFarland and the Temecula staff by scheduling a complimentary vein screening check-up. Empire Vein Specialists is the nation’s leading provider of VenaSeal®, the leading outpatient varicose vein treatment, in the USA. Schedule a free consultation today by calling 1-800-VARICOSE (1-800-827-4267).