What Happens After I Get Venaseal Treatment?

What Happens After I Get VenaSeal Treatment?

To achieve the best results possible from your VenaSeal™ treatment there are a few do’s and don’ts you’ll want to follow. Apply these simple steps to ensure fast, incident-free healing.

Immediately After Your Procedure

In preparation for the VenaSeal procedure, the injection site(s) will be cleaned with an alcohol swab. Immediately following the procedure, the injection site(s) will again be cleaned, and the doctor will then apply a small adhesive bandage. That’s it! You are ready to walk out of the office and begin your new life free of varicose veins.

At Home

To make your recovery as quick and uneventful as possible, your doctor will request that you resume all your normal daily activities immediately. Normal exercise activities such as walking, biking, golf, or tennis are encouraged to promote healing and healthy blood flow.

When Will My Symptoms Improve?

One of the advantages of VenaSealTM is how quickly it works. Because the VenaSeal procedure requires only a few simple injections, post-procedure recovery is virtually immediate and there’s little to no bruising, swelling, or soreness to be concerned about. Symptoms begin to improve as soon as the adhesive is injected and the diseased vein begins to close, removing the impediment to circulation and restoring healthy blood flow.

Return to Activities

You can expect to resume your normal daily activities the same day of your treatment and return to work the following day, unless you have a physically demanding job, in which case the doctor will provide a recommended timeframe for you to return to work.

If Discomfort Occurs

Some VenaSealTM patients may experience minor tenderness in the treated areas. If this occurs, be assured that it is usually quite mild and transient. Those who experience post-procedure discomfort, on average, describe a pain level of no more than two on a scale of one to 10[1].

The best way to alleviate post-procedure soreness is by elevating your legs. You can also use a heating pad or take over-the-counter analgesics, as needed. If you have pain that becomes severe or worsens over time, don’t hesitate to call the clinic as this may indicate an issue that could require medical treatment.

What to Avoid

For the first week following your VenaSeal procedure, it will be important to avoid heavy lifting, certain types of strenuous activity – particularly standing activities, and use of hot tubs while the treated veins fully close and the treated areas heal. This is because it takes about five to seven days for the adhesive to form to the dimensions of the vein and completely occlude blood flow.

What Happens to the Treated Vein(s)?

Your body responds to the VenaSealTM adhesive by surrounding and encapsulating it with connective tissue[2] in the vein causing the vein to harden. The treated vein will quickly become non-functional and will be gradually absorbed by the body.

What Happens to the VenaSeal Adhesive?

Only a very small amount of VenaSealTM adhesive is used to close the vein. Your body will naturally absorb the adhesive over time.

Are There Follow-Up Appointments?

Yes. A follow-up appointment is scheduled for four weeks after the final treatment procedure. At this time, your healing process will be nearly or fully complete and your new blood flow can be accurately be assessed.

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