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At Empire Vein we look after your best interests, make your care more accessible, and resolve your vein problem with the best possible outcome. For us, this includes making it easy for you to get informed, stay aware, be prepared, and be supported in your quest to get relief and get back to living your life.

Need an answer? Looking for a new-patient form or other document? Please look below to find the resource you’re looking for, including dates for upcoming vein-screening events.

Varicose Veins FAQ

Do you have varicose or spider veins? Is there a difference between the two, and are they serious? What treatments are available at Empire Vein Specialists patient center? 

Get the facts about veins, including why they develop and what you can do about them. Our FAQ page has the information you need to understand your condition, determine whether you need treatment, and find the best vein procedure for you.  

Insurance We Accept

Many people choose not to seek vein treatment because they think procedures are too expensive and insurance won’t cover them. This assumption is often inaccurate and may prevent you from getting the necessary treatment. Spider and varicose vein treatments considered “medically necessary” are often covered, and Empire Vein Specialists accept most insurance plans, including Medicare, IEHP, and PPOs AND HMOs. Discover whether your varicose veins are covered by insurance, which treatments are included, and the plans we currently accept

What to Expect

From your first appointment with your vascular surgeon to your follow-up after your procedure, learn what to expect when you contact the Empire Vein Specialists patient center to schedule your appointment. Find out what paperwork you will need to bring on your first visit and tips for preparing for your assessment to make sure your time at your vascular appointment is well spent. 

Cancellation Policy

We understand that some circumstances occasionally make it difficult for you to make it to your appointment. We offer our cancellation policy to help you manage your vein health more efficiently while ensuring all of our patients can see one of our vascular surgeons when necessary. Please review our cancellation policy to ensure you don’t get any unexpected charges on your bill. 

Our Blog 

Interested in learning more about your varicose veins? Our blogs from our board-certified vascular specialists dive into a variety of vein-related topics, from how to prevent varicose veins while traveling to the best diet for optimal vein health. Stop by our blog page to find a specific topic of interest, or browse through our many offerings to learn more about those nagging spider veins and how to help eliminate them.