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6848 Magnolia Ave.
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Leading Vascular Treatment Center in Riverside, California

Residents of Riverside, located within the Inland Empire, have options when it comes to vein care. Empire Vein Specialists in Riverside offers free ultrasound screenings and a broad range of vein services to treat spider and varicose veins. Whether you are unhappy with your visible veins for cosmetic reasons or suffer heaviness, itching, or burning from your varicose veins, our vein specialists in Riverside have options for you. 

Our Services

From superficial spider veins to bulging varicose veins, our vascular doctors in Riverside offer vein care for every concern. In addition to our free screenings, we offer the following treatment options: 

  • VenaSeal™ Closure System – We place a medical-grade adhesive into diseased veins to seal them closed.  
  • ClosureFast™ Closure System – This device delivers radiofrequency energy into the affected vein, which causes the vein to seal and collapse.  
  • Varithena – We use tiny needle sticks to place a microfoam agent into the affected vein, causing it to seal closed and collapse. 
  • Sclerotherapy – Through a tiny needle, we administer a solution into the diseased vein that seals it closed so it can be absorbed by the body.  
  • Phlebectomy Vein Removal – Our vein specialists in Riverside use a series of tiny incisions to remove very large varicose veins that can’t be treated with other methods.

Why Choose Empire Vein Specialists?

Our board-certified vascular doctors  in Riverside are experts in vein health. We know that visible veins can be a sign of an underlying condition, which is why we perform comprehensive ultrasound assessments before recommending treatment. Our treatments are performed on an outpatient basis and involve minimal to no discomfort or downtime. We accept most forms of insurance, making spider and varicose vein treatment in Riverside affordable as well as effective.  

Are You a Candidate?

Are you looking for varicose vein treatment in Riverside or within the Inland Empire? You may be a candidate if you have visible veins accompanied by symptoms like leg heaviness, achiness, cramping, burning, or itching. We also offer cosmetic spider vein treatment in Riverside for patients who are self-conscious about their appearance because of asymptomatic visible veins. Take our self-assessment to see if our vein clinic in Riverside has the solutions you need for better vein health. 

What Our Patients Say:

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