Do Varicose Veins Grow Back?

Can varicose veins come back is a common question. The answer is no, but it does depend on exactly what you mean. Keep reading for further clarification.

First, you should understand that varicose veins are not a growth. They are a diseased condition of formerly healthy veins, which facilitate the flow of blood to the heart for oxygen and nutrients. These blood vessels have one-way valves that regulate blood flow in one direction.

A breakdown of these valves causes blood to reverse direction or collect in an area. This condition can cause veins to swell, twist, and bulge. While most often near the surface of the skin in legs, some varicose veins can be less invisible or in other areas of the body.

Varicose veins cannot be fixed, however, there are treatments. Methods have included reducing them with laser light, surgically removing them, and using various means to collapse the vein. These methods have been met with degrees of success over the years. The most effective method today is to inject the veins with an FDA-approved medical adhesive, called VenaSeal™, which seals and shrinks them.

The return of varicose veins typically means other veins have also begun experiencing varicose conditions. These may be in the same area and appear to be a return of a collapsed vein, but they are simply another nearby vein similarly affected. Usually, the factors that caused the initial varicose veins have also caused the additional diseased veins.

Sometimes varicose veins are an initial indication of a progressive venous insufficiency. They can also be preceded by other medical conditions, such as an obstructive disease. These conditions may signal chronic varicose veins and treatment spanning many years.

Current treatments for varicose veins have a high rate of success. In many cases, patients experience an isolated case of varicose veins without return. Preventative measures can also be taken to minimize recurrence, such as compression stockings and lifestyle changes. A Board Certified Vascular Surgeon is best suited to evaluate and treat any conditions related to varicose veins.

If you suspect that you may have varicose veins, please consult one of our medical offices. Treatment can result in immediate relief from pain and a return to normal function.

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