Preparing For Varicose Vein Treatment

Varicose vein problem can be successfully treated using one of the advanced techniques such as VenaSeal or ClosureFast. These techniques avoid the need for aggressive surgery. In any case, a varicose vein treatment will require some preparation beforehand to ensure a safe and effective procedure.


The first step in the preparation for varicose vein procedure will be to determine the candidate’s general health condition and their fitness to receive a varicose vein procedure. The assessment will include:

  • Evaluating the size and number of varicose veins
  • Identifying any signs of an underlying vascular disease
  • Review of the patient’s previous health records to check any history of blood clotting or other conditions such as heart disease
  • Changing the schedule of any current prescription or non-prescription medications that the patient may be using
  • History of skin allergies
  • Results of past vein treatments, if any


Ultrasound imaging is an effective way to determine the extent and nature of the underlying varicose vein condition in the affected areas. Empire Vein Specialists is equipped with a state of the art vascular lab with trained technicians to perform accurate and painless ultrasound imaging tests to determine the patient’s condition. Appropriate varicose vein treatment can be recommended based on the test results.


VenaSeal is an advanced, minimally invasive treatment for patients suffering from varicose veins. The procedure is the first one of its kind that treats varicose veins of the legs by sealing the affected veins using a medical adhesive. The treatment can be performed without involving any trial of compression stockings prior to the procedure.

An ultrasound diagnostic test will be done first to determine the candidacy of the patient for VenaSeal procedure. A complimentary consultation process will ensue as the next step. The patient will have an opportunity to ask questions and clear any doubts or concerns during the consultation.


The ClosureFast procedure is also known as radiofrequency ablation. This minimally invasive, in-office procedure can be completed in about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the extent of varicose veins. Once the patient has been determined as a suitable candidate for ClosureFast, the first step before the procedure will be to apply a local anesthetic in the affected sites for patient comfort.

The vein specialist will begin the procedure by numbing the affected areas with a local anesthetic. The next step will be to painlessly insert a small catheter guided by ultrasound, through which RF energy will be delivered. Pre- and post-treatment care instructions are also usually provided in advance so that the patient has full information to make an informed choice.

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